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Big-ups™ Unisex Training Pants

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Big-ups™ Unisex Training Pants

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Help your little transition from diapers to training pants one big-up at a time! 

Our super absorbent, shea butter infused Big-ups are extra soft and made to fit and feel like regular underwear. They're extremely absorbent with a wetness indicator and an easy clean up tab for the accidents that happen when they happen.

Big-ups highlights:

  • Unisex and provide full coverage for boys and girls
  • Shea butter infused 
  • Comfy elastic waistband 
  • Easy to remove with easy tear sides 
  • Simple to dispose with a tape tab on the back 
  • Promote inclusivity and joy with the Happy Hues crew
  • Full of happy, free of hassle and worth the try!

*All members of the Happy Hues crew appear on each pack*

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Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Great dryness against toddler skin

No matter how soaked the diaper/training pants are next to the toddler it feels dry and their skin feels great from the shea butter

Darlene Chimaliro
So soft!

I feel like I’ve been cheating my babies with the other brand’s pull-ups. These big ups are SO FREAKING SOFT! I also love love live the representation. My babies get to see people that look like them on their underwear. Love it.

Ryan V.
Great option for potty training

My wife and I are really pleased with this product. We potty trained our son recently and weren't too happy with the supermarket options for training pants. A parent friend introduced us to Big Ups, and they were the perfect product for us. Very soft, very absorbent, and easy for our little one to get on and off by himself. We are still using them at night as we continue to work on nighttime potty training. I would recommend these to any parent without hesitation!


I love this product

Christina Reeves

Loved them they are really soft, not sure what to do with the tab in the back.


I’m in love with these !!!


So soft! Super absorbent. Only wish we discovered these sooner!

Nessa Myers

I love them I will be ordering again


I absolutely loooove these training pants for my little one. Full coverage, soft, absorbant, and comfortable. These are the only training pants that I will purchase from now on.

Shenay D.
Saved Our Itchy Babe’s Skin!

My little one has had eczema and allergies since birth, so imagine all the struggles we’ve gone through with finding a diaper AND pull up that doesn’t break him out. We lucked out in the diaper department with another brand so I didn’t regard Happy Hues until it was pull up time. Even then, I went through countless other brands and lots of sleepless nights and days due to my Bubs itching and breaking out from them. Big Ups came across my feed right when I was at my wits end so I got a box. NOW I’m getting a subscription because it’s the perfect pull up! For one, NO ALLERGIC REACTION!! They’re soft, super duper absorbent, and I’m a sucker for the resealable tab on the back. They can withstand the energy of a toddler with a full pull up who doesn’t want to get their pants changed, which means NO LEAKS! When I noticed Bubs stop his incessant itching on his back and belly, I almost cried. We finally found him some relief with these and I’m forever grateful.

Thoughtfully designed
training pants free from

X Parabens
X Lotions
X Fragrances