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Big-ups™ Unisex Training Pants

Great product

First off thank you for creating a product that represents us! My son was really excited about opening asking you pull ups which she only needs doing night time because he’s potty trained otherwise. Upon opening the pull-ups I thought they were really cute. However, I do think that they are a bit be in bulky looking. What I did like about them is the feel, the smell, and a little tab of the on the back that allows you to roll it up after usage.

Booker T

I'm buying some just on GP supporting the sista. AND I'm sharing with my network and hope they do the same.


Where the “Big Ups Go”

Want to stock my Church’s Outreach program with these for a few months so the babies at my church experience these “big ups” with faces that look like them.

Great product

Exactly as described. Great fit. Smooth delivery.


My little one is potty training and only need these at night. They are soft, super absorbent, and perfect!

3t big ups

Love the patterns and quality of the disposable training pants

Big Ups to Superior Training Pants

I was intrigued on the product after seeing a social media ad and thought what a coincidence after my wife had mentioned about training pants that were more appropriate and reflected our child. After reading and assessing the training pants I went ahead and ordered with the training pants arriving the following week, a surprise by both my wife and daughter. My wife and I are extremely impressed by the size and the softness of the training pants but most of all they are super absorbent with no leaks, funny smells after being soiled and our child has no problems with being uncomfortable while wearing them. I'm glad I ordered 2 boxes as these are the best training pants we've found.


I wish they came in one more size up.
But not as absorbent as I hoped. They were wet on the outside overnight. Maybe not entirely the diaper though. But my kids amount of fluid and hours overnight.

Thanks for your review! It sounds like one size up would do the trick as it's possible your little's output exceeds the maximum absorbency for the 4T-5T size. Thanks for giving us a try! We'll keep you posted as we expand our offering!

Game changer!

These training pants are supreme quality. I was very impressed with the absorbency and fit of these. I noticed they last way longer than other brands. My family will be purchasing these regularly for sure!

Super impressive

I love the Hues training diapers. They’re soft and very absorbent.

So soft!

I feel like I’ve been cheating my babies with the other brand’s pull-ups. These big ups are SO FREAKING SOFT! I also love love live the representation. My babies get to see people that look like them on their underwear. Love it.

So soft and absorbent

I was pleasantly surprised at how soft these training pants were. I’ve never felt any as soft. They were absorbent and comfortable. My little guy loves them. I especially like the art work on them as well.

Love them

I love the affirmations on them and they really are softer than other brands!

We love happy hues

These are super absorbent and even survived a toddler stomach virus with no leaks. Plus, the empowering designs are the perfect thought of representation.

What an upgrade!

Soft material that’s super stretchy but still provides protection. Love the designs!