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Super soft

We love Big Ups! They’re so soft and still absorbent. They’re easy for my LO to pull down when going to the potty. We’ve tried other training diapers and they feel more rough on the skin. I’m telling all my friends with toddlers to try Big Ups!

Proud supporter of those who love our children.

I love BIG UPS pull ups and how it treats my grandson’s skin with that wonderful touch of infused shea butter. They fit great and are super absorbent. The company’s commitment to clean, natural ingredients is a must for me. The subscription means never running out and the flexibility to skip a shipment means you get what you need when you need it. Featuring children of color on the packaging, and product, salutes their presence and value in the world. The imagery of kids that look like my grandson is an important and greatly appreciated added bonus. Thanks Karen Hunter for having Ms. Jones Gibson on the show. Now, I tell everyone about Big Ups and they’re my “go to” baby shower and layette gift.

Absorbent and soft.

My little guy is a heavy wetter. These pull ups are absorbent and soft to the touch. He’s just now starting his potty training journey so there’s a few accidents throughout the day. We’ve never had leaks or blow outs. They are super stretchy and easy to tear on the sides if need. The tab on the back to wrap and discard are an extra touch. These are better than any store brand and I’ve raised 6 kiddos. Thanks HH! Good job!

I love Happy Hues

My son still uses the pull ups as of they were diapers and they have the best absorption. 50 STARS!!

Ultra Soft!

We just received our first box and I'm impressed with how soft they are. Before they came we had to pick up a small pack of a store brand pull up and the texture difference is insane. The Big Ups are smooth and incredibly soft. The says are lovely and my toddler loves the images. He said, "it's me" when he saw the brown boy and it melted my heart!

Love these Big ups!

These big ups are great! My son has sensitive skin and they have been working great! I would highly recommend!

So Soft & Amazing Coverage!

We just got our first box and I LOVE these diapers! Sure sure my 2 year old likes them just fine too. They are so soft, super absorbent with no leaks so far. Mostly though I love how much coverage they have in the back! Multiple other popular subscription brands we've had get so narrow around the booty.

He Loves His Happy Hues

I ordered the one-time purchase just to see how well they were compared to the other over night brand we were using. I am happy to say they they performed better than I was expecting. When we dress our 1 year old, he reach for his Happy Hues Big Ups and and does tnot take a second took at the other brand we have a few left of. You will be more than happy with yor decision and purchase of Happy Hues Big-Ups.

Love this product!

I prefer to use cloth diapers but wanted something disposable for "being on the go". I placed an order on Thursday afternoon and received it by Saturday morning. I was surprised they arrived so quickly. My little one says they are comfy and is excited that one of the little super heroes looks like him. He also likes that he can easily put them on himself. We will definitely be switching over to subscription.

Soft !!! So in love 🙌🏾

I love these big -ups. They are sooooo soft like my daughter has cotton balls made into underwear on. They’re even softer than my regular panties for adults lolll. 😩😭 But seriously i’m so happy i found these, they also hold a lot and dont fall apart after a long night of constant peeing without waking up the way pampers pull-ups would. Will be ordering forever. The fact that it’s black female owned AND has shea butter is definitely a plus !!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾

These pull ups are great!

I bought them as a gift for my little nephew and his Mommy said he Loves them! They are very soft, absorbent and he was so excited to get them that he wanted to put them on as soon as they arrived! I will be ordering again!

Soft and Comfy

I am in love with the Big Ups. They are soft and my son seems to enjoy how comfortable they are. Not to mention the designs are so adorable.
My only thought is that the sides were Velcro so that the Big Ups can be put on without having to pull my sons pants all the way down.

Big Ups are awesome!

I’m glad I gave Big Ups a try. They’re super soft and provide great coverage…my little grandson loves the affirmations on them and he’s progressing very well with potty training… to him Big Ups are awesome!

Love these diapers!

We have been using these diapers for about 1 week and we have been very happy with them. Soft diapers with cute design and good quality. We have not used them overnight yet but we have been happy with how they hold up during the day. Easy to see color change indicator. Sides detach easily for changing and the tab on the back helps hold dirty diapers together. Love to be able to support a black owned diaper company!

Absolutely love!

They’re incredibly soft and absorb really well! So far, no leaks - even on a busy and rambunctious toddler! :)

Love these !

These fit so well in my almost 2 year old. I’m staying with these from now on ! Wish i found it sooner.

Great for overnight

We started using Happy Hues a few months ago for overnight. First off yassss to black own business. Secondly Josiah loves the super me theme, they’re easy for him to put on and take off by himself. A huge plus for us is they DON’T LEAK. You have a forever supporter over here.

BIG UPS Are Thee Best

We absolutely love these Big Ups for our “potty training toddler.” They are sooo soft on the skin, which has been great because she has eczema. They don’t leak no matter how full they get. My daughter loves the designs, especially the one with the written affirmations. I would recommend these to all parents for their kids. No brand tops this one.

Super soft!

We ordered our 2 year old these diapers and we were not disappointed!!! They are super super soft, much thinner than pampers, and they are just as absorbent, if not more!!! My son loved the doll they sent with the order (it’s nice to have representation of black and brown boys in everyday products!) I hope they decide to expand to overnight diapers and swim diapers!!!!

BIG ups were Happy!!

We are so Happy that we made the switch to these amazing Big ups while on our road to potty training. My twins had the best of both worlds with protective, stylish trainers.

two thumbs up!

great product! so soft, no 'diaper scent,' easy for my toddler to pull up and down for potty use. we're now only using for naps and overnight - big ups are very absorbent. easy to tear along the sides and so nice to have the adhesive strip in the back to wrap up dirty diapers.

excellent customer service, as well! i appreciate the flexible scheduling for subscription shipments, and orders come very quickly.

Softest Material Ever!

I love how big-ups are super soft and fragrant-free. As a mom with a toddler who has eczema, I really appreciate how I don't have to worry if they'll irritate my son. You've got a solid winner with these training pants!

Soft and Great coverage

I love how soft they are and the great coverage. My son loves the superheroes that look like him ❤️

I love them

I absolutely love the Big ups for my son. They are so soft and very absorbent. I am glad I gave them a try.

Extremely Happy

I love these training pants and am so happy to support this black woman owned business. The product is wonderful (the absolute best that we’ve tried) and the price point is great!